Mod Bod | Maxiskirt Refashion

Everywhere I look, I see very cute maxiskirts littering the internet, especially in one blog I follow, Sloanbook. I've really wanted one, but my proportions are a little weird (think short legs, normal torso) and I hesitate before trying a new shape or length on the bottom half of my body. However, my need to transform a very plain jersey dress into something more useful and wearable outweighed my fear of trying a new style. Was it fate?

I haven't been able to find a great jersey knit source in Salt Lake City yet (I've heard JoAnn's in Bountiful has some good selection) so I decided to use an extra-large t-shirt I grabbed on a sale-inspired whim. I also wanted to try my hand at dyeing fabric, which, while time consuming, was fairly easy to do. This is how it turned out:

STEP 1: I decided I wanted my waistband to be about 5" thick, so I folded the t-shirt in half, sliced off the bottom hem, and sliced another strip 11" thick (twice the width of my desired waistband plus an inch for seam allowances).

STEP 2: I folded the strip in half, wrapped it around my waist, and used pins to secure the band at the tightness I wanted. I decided to taper the top in on both sides to help the skirt stay in place. I cut along the pin lines, leaving about 1/2" extra fabric on each edge.

STEP 3: I unpinned and unfolded everything, giving me two rectangles with hour-glass shaped cutouts on either side. I pinned the hourglass sides together and sewed a medium zig-zag stitch along both sides. I refolded the band at the halfway point and gave it a quick press.

STEP 4: I carefully chopped off the top straps of the jersey dress, trying to create as flat of a top surface as possible. Placing the waistband upside-down and outside the circumference of the dress opening, I pinned the two pieces in place. The jersey dress was just slightly larger than my waistband, so I created a few pin tucks at intervals around the jersey dress, pinning them into place.

STEP 5: I zig-zag stitched around the entire waist, overlapping the ends on my stitching by about an inch.

STEP 6: Following the directions on my Wine-colored Rit dye, I breezed my way through coloring the maxiskirt. I used a pretty high-tech setup, as you can see below. I left the skirt in the dye bath for 45 minutes and probably spent 15 minutes trying to rinse out the residual dye. I eventually gave up on a complete rinse and threw the skirt in the washer to finish the job.

I don't know that I pull this off as well as Ashley from Sloanbook, but it's better than the original dress, right?


  1. You are so cute! Wow! I wish I could sew and then I would make a ton of maxi skirts!!! I will do a shout out on my blog now :)

  2. So cute! And I have weird proportions too so I need to try my hand at making one of these! :] You pull it off wonderfully!!

  3. You have wayyyy too much time on your hands to be an architecture student... Let alone to be in the accelerated program

  4. You look great. Nice refashion. Please share your talent at my weekly Anything Goes Frid-Monday linky.

  5. Awesome job! don't you love being able to make things for your specific build?


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