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Before I start in on the main topic of this post, I'd like to comment about how thankful I am for some of the women in my life. I had the best weekend hearing that both my mom and mother-in-law have read this blog lately! It's really awesome to know they care to keep up on it and see what I've been up to. I absolutely got warm tingles hearing that :).

Today I'm thankful for textures. I rely so often on my eyes and ears to tell me how to navigate this crazy world, but when I take the time to stop and literally feel the world around me, I am always joyfully surprised at what I discover! Even when I'm simply drawing or painting, which are relatively 2D art forms, I have to pay attention to the 3D work that arises, like the faint riffs that come out of a paint stroke. Being in architecture school has taught me that it's not weird to just go up and feel things, run my hands across a wall, sit on a weird surface, put my cheek against a material to feel its temperature. Ok, maybe that does seem weird, but I'm totally comfortable feeling a building up (I sure hope it doesn't feel violated).

For those of you who don't understand my need to touch buildings, I'm sure you can identify with loving different clothing textures. Sometimes I wear certain clothes just for their textures. They can be cut really well and even have great detailing, but what is a great piece of clothing without an appropriate texture?

And as always, mother nature has this one down pat. The textures in nature are nothing short of completely incredible. Don't we live in a beautiful world?

I challenge you all to go feel one different thing today. It could be as simple as the tires on your car or bike, or as complex as feeling every item in your closet. Close your eyes, too; it makes for a completely different experience!

Also, keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow's post! I'll have a link to a guest post I've written for Sloanbook as well as a super nifty giveaway

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