I have seen some really chic lace skirts lately--the type with soft white or beige lace over a nude toned under layer. They kill me! (In a "I could die, I'm so happy" kind of way). Given that I had some so-so pieces in need of reworking laying around my office, I decided to try my hand at one of these awesome skirts!

I started off with a pair of (grease stained, torn bottom) slacks and a (very oversized) white lace shirt.

With the slacks on, I marked about 3 inches below where I wanted the skirt to end (I was shooting for knee-length) and marked each leg. I took the slacks off, chopped the legs at the marks, and discarded the lower legs. Then came the time for some seam ripping. I ripped up both legs to the intersection at the crotch and ripped just an inch or so into the front and back seams of the crotch.

I folded the slacks so the sides were touching (is there a name for that? It's the fold I do when I'm hanging my husband's slacks) and pinned everything together. Using a skirt I really like with a similar fit to what I had in mind, I traced the front and back seams of the skirt. I sewed a really wide basting stitch, tried the skirt on, and adjusted in a few places. When I had the fit how I liked it, I sewed a tighter straight stitch and a tricky zig-zag stitch (of which I don't know the name) before cutting off any excess fabric.

To finish the bottom hem of the skirt, I straightened out the bottom edge, folded it under twice, and finished with a zig zag stitch. (I did this for aesthetic reasons, because I didn't want my stitch to be obvious under the lace. If I was just making a simple skirt, I probably would have done a straight stitch here.) 

Seriously, if these slacks weren't splattered in the most embarrassing grease spots, I would have stopped here and called it a day! 

The way I put the lace on this skirt was kind of a mess and took so guesswork and seam ripping, so I'll try to simplify the process. Basically, I cut the lace fabric to the same form as the new skirt with an extra inch along the bottom and about 3 extra inches at the top. (I did some tricky folding to accommodate the zipper in the front. I can't explain it, it was a bit of a mess to figure that part out). 

Here is the main takeaway for attaching the lace to the underskirt: I fit the skirts inside of each other and pinned the lace exactly where I would like it to sit when everything was attached. I tucked the top excess of the lace over the slacks and pinned in place. I then sewed a seam about 1 1/2" down from the top of the skirt to attach everything. 

Then I rocked that skirt like I do. (Ok, that was a bit arrogant. Honestly, though, I've become a huge fan of skirts and dresses, and I think I wear them pretty well!)

P.S. I already have some other slacks in mind to make into a simple skirt. Now that I know what I'm doing this second skirt will be so quick!

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  1. Awesome way to refashion something most people would have thrown away! It looks great on you too.


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