Mod Bod | Home-made SPF Facial Lotion

I have a guilty confession: I enjoy a good trip to the tanning bed. Besides the obvious glowing skin that comes as a result, it's usually a really comforting/somewhat therapeutic experience. (I realized I'm going to get some lectures after this, but I can at least say I've never been tanning more than three times in one week, and typically I just tan once a week and only in the summer.) For all of my tanning naughtiness, though, I'm ultra protective of my face. It makes me so sad to see an older woman who is obviously beautiful, but her beauty is hidden under a leathery, freckle-laden mask.

Consequently, I try to moisturize daily with an SPF lotion. Here's the kicker, though: SPF lotions are expensive! From a quick look at my local grocery store, the average cost of an SPF facial moisturizer (SPF 15 seemed to be the popular level) for a 3 oz. bottle was $10-$20, and I just can't justify that on a newlywed-broke budget. So I stuck it to the man and wised up. I looked over one section to the sunblock, and found a bottle of face-friendly, SPF 30, unscented sunscreen for about $4. Then I grabbed a bottle of Vaseline lotion for $3 (but really any affordable lotion would do the trick).

I mixed the lotions together and refilled them into baby food jars. (Handy tip-even if you don't have a baby to feed, the fruity baby foods make yummy popsicles and the jars are great containers for tons of things.)

For less than $10 I managed to stock up on about 12 oz. of SPF facial lotion. Take that, expensive beauty lines!


  1. I prefer tanning in the winter, keeps my mood up. But onto the lotion, not that I don't disagree with you, face lotion with SPF which I use daily is expensive. But what I have found when trying to steer away and make my own like you did, It still stings my face, even if the sun lotion says face friendly. So I have found 2 things: 1, Oil of Olay for sensitive skin works the best for me, and a plus is its oil free! And because I can't stand pay $15 for the 7oz bottle I buy the generic brand (made my walmart or target), get 2x the size for the same price as the 7oz bottle. Can't beat it.

  2. Great idea! And the tip regarding baby food is pretty good too, thank you very much for adding your post to my Girly Mondays link party :)


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