Mod Bod | Slouchy Beanie

Knitting is far more my thing than crochet, so any time I begin a crochet project I hold my breath a bit. It's scary to begin something you almost certainly will fail at a few times, and this project was no exception to my rule. I wanted to create one of those super trendy slouchy beanie all the celebs wear--you know, super cool people like the Biebs and the Olsen duo (I say that with a little sarcasm, in case you didn't notice).

Unfortunately, I managed to create about nine-tenths of the hat with a needle that was much too small and a stitch that was much too tight. It ended up very stiff and very un-cool. With my typical frustrated huff and puff, I pulled out all the stitches except the tight central circle (My Main Man was very appalled that I would throw away hours of labor in about two minutes). After some quick deliberation, I settled on a treble crochet stitch with a K/ 10 1/2 crochet hook. For the band around the end, I tightened to a single crochet for about 6 rows. Then I decided I'd get a little fancy and sew on a sparkly embellishment (which just happened to be a broken earring I couldn't part with, and now I feel so green for re-using it). Et voila!

So I do have to ask real quickly... do many of you knit or crochet? Would you be interested in me posting some very basic tutorials on how to do various stitches, patterns, or techniques? Let me know!

Update: So many people wanted a pattern for this hat that I posted it later here


  1. I love to crochet but struggle with knitting and would love tips and tricks! I'm also always on the hunt for awesome patterns if you have any to share that would be awesome (like the one for your cute hat....).

  2. yes please! ive been trying to do some crochet but im not good at all, i love what you've done here tho :)

  3. Super cute beanie! Yeah, I barely knit and don't crochet. I do want to learn how to crochet because I've got this Halloween saw scarf pattern that I want to make for Lee...

  4. I love to knit but it takes more time than crocheting some times but I only know two crochet stitches(single crochet and double crochet) so i only make washcloths:) so im leaning i recently learned how to purl!! i love knitting and i really want to know ho to crochet!

  5. Please, can you tell how can I do It?'..thanks a lot.


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