Sew Awesome | Elf-ish Stocking Part 2

Remember when I taught you how to make my cool Elf-ish Stockings here? At the end of that post, I promised to show you how to jazz those stockings up a bit, and I am here to deliver. While looking for inspiration for these stockings, I stumbled into a very cute version online, fully decked out with jingle bells and toe stuffing. I had to attempt these additions.

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The toes of our stockings were pretty limp when hanging from the fireplace, which just wouldn't do, so I decided to stuff them. I had a glorious plan for how to make a stuffed insert for each toe, but in a hurry to decorate our fireplace for some very...special Christmas cards, I decided to go easy-style, and I'm actually just fine with the results. Here are the ever-so-complicated instructions: 

STEP 1: Cut up 2"x8"-ish sections of a scrap cotton fabric. Stuff as far as possible into the toe of each stuffing. Once the toe has been stuffed, wad up remaining fabric and fill the arch and heel of the stocking. 

STEP 2: Consider how much time you saved yourself with this very precise method, and be glad you rid yourself of a few ugly scraps you never planned on using, anyway. 

My Main Man wanted his stocking to look a little manlier, so I crudely embroidered on a felt heel patch (because men wear their socks out faster, right?).

I considered adding a small jingle bell to the curl of each stocking, but I just couldn't find anything in the right color or size, so I'll wait another year to add that accent.

Finally, I wanted to mark which stocking belonged to each of us by embroidering our names in red floss. Using a pencil, I lightly marked out the perimeter of the cuff edge that faced outside when the stocking was hung. I then unrolled the cuff and lightly drew out each of our initials. Using a non-conventional backstitch, I lettered each of our names, re-rolled the cuffs, and enjoyed the fruits of my labor!

Don't you love our little fireplace? The stockings just add the perfect touch!


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