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This week I've been sharing how I put together a "Cozy Winter Social". It was a perfectly fun way to distract myself while my husband was out of town. If you want to see the other stages of putting the party together, check out my posts from the rest of this week!

***All of the photos in this post were generously donated by the lovely Winter of The Redd Party. You should totally check her out.***

I already mentioned the awesome raffle I had for my guests on Tuesday. I wanted to party to be a fun social where people just chatted and snacked, but I knew that might be hard with women that don't all know each other. So to prepare, I planned some Minute-to-Win-It games (do any of you watch that show and repeatedly say "I can totally do that!"?). We split up into four teams and played marathon-style until an ultimate winning team was chosen! (I may be fibbing on the names of some games I couldn't remember.)

Essentially you try to drop cds onto a cup and get three to land withing a minute. All four teams gave it a go and no one could do it, so everyone moved on!

The O.G., Beautiful Brunette, and Cousin-in-Law give round 1 a go
The object is to keep three balloons in the air using your hands, feet, or head for a minute straight. We had a hard time with this one, too, so we decided the three teams who lasted the longest would each move on.

Share-and-Tell, The Rocker, Half-Rich, and My Colorado Home Girl may have flailed around in pretty funny ways.
One teammate would hold a roll of toilet paper on a wooden spoon or dowel, while another member had a minute to spin in circles, holding the toilet paper, and wrap their body with all of the paper from the roll. Every team managed to do this, so the two fastest teams moved on.

Nurse-in-Training (top) and I (bottom) did pretty well, but Winter's Asian eyes made her aerodynamic! (Her husband made up that joke, so I can't take credit, but really, she was speedy fast.)
This one was pretty simple. We tied a pedometer to each contestant's head, and she had to bang 125 times in a minute. This was particularly suited to The Rocker, who is a serious rocker/concert-lover. I loved her comment after her frenzied minute, "That's not even the most head bangs I've done in one night!"

The Rocker and SuperNurse were so in the zone and ready to head bang their way to fame and fortune.
I know that is the correct name for this game, so go look it up if you're interested. It was confusing, and basically impossible, so we had to make up an alternative round 6.

I really failed at this, but at least I have my serious concentration face on!
Like I said, we made this one up. All three members of each group had to hug a balloon between their three bodies while running a full lap across my living room, and the fastest team won. I hate to brag, but my team totally won! My other group members with my Colorado Home-Girl and SuperNurse; we're just awesome, what can I say?

For all the time I spent on decorating and baking, playing games was totally the most fun part of this extravaganza, and I was so happy to hang out with all my girlfriends!

Coming up with all these nicknames was hard, but here goes:
Top Row (L to R): SuperNurse, Beautiful Brunette, Share-and-Tell, My Colorado Home-Girl, Cousin-in-Law,
Bottom Row (L to R):Winter (her real name is too cool to warrant a nickname), Half-Rich, Me, The Saint (she teaches 8-11 year olds each Sunday, she deserves this nickname), The O.G., The Rocker

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