Mod Bod | Quick Jean Patches

My Main Man had a few worn-out places in his jeans, and no one loves seeing too much man leg, so I decided to venture through some patching experiments. Since his jeans already had a semi-distressed look, I thought I'd try to play with that theme and not worry about making my patches very pristine.

I chopped up some old jeans of my own, creating patch rectangles quite a bit larger than what I actually needed to fill the holes. I loosely pinned the patches behind each hole. Then, using off-white thread and my handy-dandy denim needle (don't skimp on that part) I went to town. I stitched back and forth across the holes, creating a random pattern that extended past the hole to connect the patch well. When the stitching was done, I rounded out the patch inside the jeans so it wouldn't catch easily on My Main Man's toes as he slides into his jeans.

It was a really simple process, and I managed to get through about four different sets of jeans in one sitting. I did notice a few things that might be helpful if you plan on doing a similar thing with your denim.

1 | Cut off excess fringe around holes. I would have liked to keep it for the look but it got caught on my presser foot and made a big tangled mess of the patching.
2 | Try turning the patch fabric backward for a different texture and color in the patch.
3 | I said it before but I'll say it again: make sure to use a heavy duty needle! No one wants to sacrifice a good, everyday needle to patch up their weekend jeans.

I have a few nicer jeans I'd like to try patching in a cleaner looking way. We'll see how well that goes.

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