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I love buildings.

I think they're sexy.

You heard right, I said sexy.

I think the experience a building can evoke is like nothing else in the universe. A building can squeeze with an anaconda-like grip that makes you gasp for breath and run in fear. A building can lift you up, turning your attention to God and the glories of His creation. A building can soothe you, coddling you and protecting you from a cruel world. A building can freeze time, and make you focus on the most minute detail of your existence.

Some of the most magnificent artwork in the world has been stored in museums and galleries, but I fear that too many stand in awe of these works and forget the majesty of the spaces housing these works. What would life be like without walls, firm and resolute? Without doors that present choices, hide conversations, protect secrets? Without floors that elevate us from the rubble of the outside world?

Lately, I've been struggling to decide how I want to pursue architecture once I leave school. I know it's my passion and being in the presence of great buildings brings me a kind of fulfillment I could never describe. Unfortunately, I don't know that the professional side of an architect's office would be a good fit for me. I'm exploring my options. I could become an author/theorist/historian of architecture. I've considered teaching architectural theory, but that requires another bit of school I should probably put on the back burner. I've also played around with the idea of specializing in an architectural niche, like interiors or lighting. I have a small addiction to graphics, too. Maybe I should create artistic presentations for architects to deliver to clients. I'd love to hear any comments or suggestions you might have floating around.

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  1. I have thoughts and opinions I would like to share with you about this, so I will email you!


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