I've Been Busy!

I'm super lame, aren't I? I promised posts and I simply didn't deliver. I don't tell you guys a whole lot about my personal life, but I feel like I ought to to explain my short absence from this awesomeness!

My super awesome and studly husband, who I lovingly call My Main Man, is graduating from his pharmacy program this spring. Perhaps I'll call him Dr. My Main Main after that, since he will have a handsome "PharmD" after his name. After a great mental wrestle, he has decided to pursue an administrative residency, and I wholeheartedly support this decision. It will open a lot of doors for him in clinical pharmacy and I think it can never hurt to add learning experiences to your resume. However, it is a CHORE to apply for residencies. A couple of weeks ago, My Main Man went to a conference where he rubbed elbows and made connections with program directors and residents from all over the country. As soon as he got home, we rushed to send out thank you cards to the programs he liked. This week, we've spent a few late nights putting together packets for those nice enough to write his letters of recommendation since the due date for the earliest applications is December 31st! Can you believe how quickly this whole process goes? There will be more steps after the applications are received, including flying all over the country for interviews and a fear-inspiring match process. To top it all off, 13 of the 14 programs My Main Man is applying to are in different states, so a big move is probably in the works!

Anyway, I really do want to keep you all entertained and coming back for more, so I will blog as often as possible until the new year. I also am hoping to add some very fun social networking links. Does anyone have great tips on how to create personalized links? AND are there any special Christmas-y things you would just love to see me post about?

Thanks for being so understanding and for sticking with me!

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  1. That's so exciting!! I know the stress you're feeling though, we're working on packing up to go to California for the next semester, and it's not even for residency, and that is super stressful and time consuming! Best of luck though!


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