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Before I begin my regular post, it's time to announce the winners of my ear warmer giveaway! Some people entered a little differently than others, so here is the list I made with each entry in order of submission:

(1) Erica (2) Ashley (3) Ashley (4) Erica (5) Kylie Ann (6) Kylie Ann (7) Aimee (8) Aimee (9) Ann (10) Heather (11) Heather (12) The Browns (13) The Browns (14) Bethany (15) Bethany (16) Brownblog (17) Erika (18) Candice

Congrats Ann and Erica! And just a quick heads up: I have a pretty cool guest blogger on Wednesday!

I haven't given you readers any good archi-love lately, so I've got a fun house to show you from San Francisco.

I found this house while perusing StumbleUpon and was immediately hooked. Sadly, after a lot of digging around, I still can't find an architect to give credit for this slightly roomy shoe box. I guess if he doesn't want to be found I can't be blamed for not giving him credit! This is an amazing tribute to how much space can be utilized if we get creative with our planning. Take a look through these pictures and scroll to the bottom to get the kicker.

Oh yeah, it's only 9' 10" wide. Can you imagine how skinny that is? In one forum someone commented that a mini-Cooper would fill the entire driveway! I would love the challenge of creating a highly functional, amazingly decorated residence in such a small lot. My kudos the the mystery architect. Find out more at the realtor's site.

Do you enjoy reading about these places?

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