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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I kind of hope you aren't reading this post on Thanksgiving, but I also can understand needing a quick escape from rowdy football fans, loud family teasing, or smoking kitchens. I've been to all of those places. Either way, I won't be posting at all tomorrow, so hopefully this holds you over until Monday!

You had to know it was coming--today is all about how thankful I am for food! I really love food- it's quite amazing any day, and holiday food has always been a special way to bring my family together. I've lived away from home for four years now, but I've been able to visit for at least one holiday each year, so my mom has kindly saved all of her best foods for my visits. This is the first year I'm doing both Christmas and Thanksgiving away from my family (of course I'm very excited for my first Christmas with My Main Man and his family), which makes me especially thankful for the special food my mom makes for the holidays.

Here are some of my favorite traditional holiday foods in my family.

Twice-Baked Potatoes, Shrimp and Cocktail Sauce, Green Bean Casserold, Baby Quiche, Rhodes Rolls, Eggnog with Nutmeg, Stuffed Mushroom Caps, Sweet Potato Pie, Pumpkin Pie
Wipe that drool off your chin and get back to your family--you only get this quality time once a year, right?

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