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Some of the blogs I read are so fun because they document all sorts of quick/easy/brilliant home renovations. However, I have to dream away and wish I owned a home to change, because it's just not our time to own a home right now. I think there may be a decent handful of you readers that also don't own homes (or don't feel comfortable making drastic changes to your homes just yet), so I would like to begin a series called "Renter's Plight" about cheap and easy ways to alter rental homes. I would love it SO much if any fellow renters suggested ways to remodel and update homes a bit, so if you have ideas (however great or small) e-mail me and I would love to have you write a guest post! I have a few ideas in the works, so here are my previews to get you excited:

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  1. ooh great idea! I'm keen to see what you and others suggest for sprucing up a rental.


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