Craft Confessions | Simple Valentines

Did you realize Valentine's day is only four days away? Ah! I realized a few days ago that our pseudo-Valentine's day was fast approaching since my husband leaves town tomorrow morning, so I rushed around trying to get festive in a hurry. I was pretty happy to see that I could come up with some simple treats for less than $2!

First, I made a really simple heart garland. I bought four pieces of felt at the craft store (which always cost from 20-30 cents) and cut really simple hearts out of them. I sewed them together into a cute garland, and draped in over our stair banister and across part of our ceiling.
Cost: about $1.20

While I was at the craft store, I noticed really cute decorated Chinese take-out boxes for $1, and I had a 40% off coupon, so I got it for 60 cents. Super cheap, right? I used some scrapbook paper I already had on hand to fill up the box. I made a tag for the box that said "How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways" and I wrote 14 things I love about My Main Man (from his willingness to deal with my particular brand of crazy to his awesome handsomeness).

To top things off, one of my very fun friends hosted a girls' craft night recently where we made scratch-off Valentines. I have to admit, it was kind of funny watching some of our Utah native friends struggle with the scratch-off concept since they've never seen lotto cards, but they caught on soon enough! I sure hope My Main Man likes his!

It's nothing too fantastic, but I think these will do the trick for our home this year!


  1. Love love love your cute lil heart garland!

    1. Thanks Mrs W! It was so easy to make, too!


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