Dress for the Weather #6

Guess what happens this week? I leave for Thailand to see my husband! I am so excited. While I'm away, I'm going to share all of the super cool details of my winter party with a new post EVERY DAY, so you had better check it out (or else!).

Per tradition, however, today is a Dress for the Weather day! The weather this weekend was beautiful, sunny, and warm. I got to take my adorable 21-month-old nephews for a walk yesterday, and I was so amazed at how comfortable the weather was. Instead of showing what I'd like to wear the rest of this week, today I'll show you what would have been the ideal outfit for Sunday's sunny weather. (Is this outfit a little hippie-retro? Yes. Would it have been so comfortable for my afternoon walk? Absolutely.)

5 March 2012

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  1. the red scarf really adds a nice touch :) great choice!


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