Can you believe it's already December? It's my favorite month, probably because it's full of my birthday, chilly weather, warm hot chocolate, sparkly lights, and Christmas! I'm somewhat obsessed with Christmas, and I've been anticipating it since about September, but My Main Man keeps me tethered and makes me wait until the day after Thanksgiving to put up my Christmas decorations (little does he know I go crazy listening to Christmas music for four whole months).

Last year our tree was a little sparsely decorated due to our college-kid budget, but the day after Christmas I did some stocking up and found a nice assortment of red and gold ornaments for pretty reasonable prices. Before MMM had even gotten out of bed on November 23rd, I had our tree up and decorated to the nines...minus a tree topper. With all of our pretty new ornaments, this just couldn't be! Crafty powers of the world united, and I created a total failure of a Christmas star. It was supremely ugly and time-wasting. I was upset, and my husband suggested we just spend the $5 on a store-bought star instead of countless more hours.  Well, my stubbornness won out, and while MMM was at work I gave the star another attempt, with success! In case you, too, need to top your tree beautifully, here is a template and my step-by-step process to creating a sparkly Christmas star!

     - One large poster board
     - Masking/Painter's tape
     - Spray adhesive
     - Gold glitter (or whatever color you prefer)
     - Exacto knife (or scissors)
     - Bone folder

1) Decide how tall you want your star to be. Enlarge the template below so that the distance from point A to B matches half the height you want. (This template printed at 100% on 8.5 x 11 paper will give you a 10" tall star).

2) Print off the template, tape to your poster board, and carefully cut out four times. (I cut my sections a little different, so ignore the differences in the photos.)

3) Score the star pieces with the bone folder. On one side of the piece score only the connections from star tips to the center point (B). Flip the templates over and score only the connections from the star valleys to the center point (B).
4) Fold your star pieces in accordion fashion to shape star points.
5) Use masking tape to connect piece 1 with piece 2 for each side of the star. Then use the tape to connect the front and back halves of the star, beginning at the top point of the star. Leave the bottom 4 edges unconnected (you'll need an opening to stick your tree branch into). At the end of each star point wrap the masking tape into a sharp point.
6) In a VERY ventilated area (preferably outside), spray the front half of your star with spray adhesive. Liberally sprinkle glitter all over the adhesive-covered area. Repeat as necessary until the entire surface is covered in glitter and none of the poster or tape underneath show. Do the same for the other side of your star. Pay special attention to the edges of the star (they were a little tricky for me to glitter).

7) After allowing the adhesive to completely dry, place the star atop your tree and admire the sparkly beauty you have created!

Like I said, I love Christmas, and beautiful decorations really make me happy. This decoration is especially awesome because it reminds me of Christ and why we really celebrate:

"Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him...When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy." 
Matthew 2: 2, 10

Stay tuned for an easy tree skirt tutorial!


  1. Oh I love that! And super easy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I can not figure out how you use the template to create the star you made. Every way I turn it so they can match up they don't fit together correctly.


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