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I've seen these very feminine, lacy, frilly necklaces at a few different store I shop at. I'm feeling very girly these days, so they appealed to me, but I wasn't as attracted to the price tag on these accessories. So, after digging through various scraps and leftovers from projects past, I was able to make a fun necklace and bracelet for very cheap (all I purchased was a half yard of tulle for 50 cents). 

If you want to recreate these, the steps are pretty simple. I cut my tulle into a strip about 2" wide and much longer than the string of beads I wanted to cover. (I originally bought these super cheap beads in the craft section of Wal-Mart for a Betty Rubble Halloween costume.) Starting at one end, I would wrap the tulle around a bead and then tie a knot around the string that connected each bead. That was all! At either end of the necklace I tied silver ribbon to the tulle and used a lighter to finish the ends of the fabrics.

To create the flower decoration in the bottom right-hand picture, I sewed a quick basting stitch along the bottom of a long, skinny piece of tulle and pulled one thread tight to create a gather. I hot glued a few ivory feathers together, glued the tulle flower on top, and topped with three beads arranged in a triangle.

Try it out. I did most of it while watching TV (meaning no difficult work involved) and spent next to nothing. What other jewelry trends do you want to try?

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