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Guess what? I'm a guest blogger on another one of my favorite sites: I still love you! Melissa has an awesome sense of style and artistic taste, and I'm in love with her calligraphy (can you say bom dot com?). So, please scurry on over to her site and check out the post! I'll give you a little teaser:

I have a story for you. My legs are short, my torso is normal, and jeans are always problematic. My favorite pair of jeans are skinnies from Hollister in 1 short, yet somehow they're still too long for me by about 2 inches. I'm sure you all have so much pity for me. Anyway, I had some very faded out jeans I was super into, but their 2000-esque flair and crudely cut-off bottoms made me feel a little like a bum every time I wore them. I decided to take action and skinny them, and I couldn't be more happy with the results! The steps were really quite simple... (post continued here)

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  1. Ok that may possibly be one of the most brilliant clothing redo's I've ever seen! I think I have like 5 pairs of jeans that will be getting a little of the skinny love action, thanks for the genius idea!


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