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Once Halloween passes, I'm basically straight into holiday mode. I blare the Christmas music, start planning gifts to give, and wait eagerly for snow to fall. The snow took its time this year (considering I live in Utah) but it managed to make an appearance only six days after Halloween, and I was thrilled! Since I generally imagine Thanksgiving as a precursor to Christmas festivities, I decided to keep my decorations simple and understated.

On our entryway table I arranged an urn of fall foliage, the patty-pan squash I used in my Halloween decorations, and a tall glass jar of spiced pine cones. The urn originally had a brown, distressed-looking shellac on it, but I felt like white was cleaner and brighter, so I painted it with acrylic paint and added a few streaks of dark wood stain. Also, the spiced pine cones were super affordable at Michael's because I bought them about a week before Halloween. All of the fall decorations were 50% or better to make room for Christmas decorations!   

During my trip to Michael's I also picked up a colorful strand of fall leaves. I looped it up twice around an existing wreath I had and secured it with some floral wire (I like temporary attachment like this to allow me to use the foliage in a different way next year). 

In our living room, I updated an existing banner to say "Thanks" in a very simple font. It matches the simple cut-out pattern I layered into my holiday-reserved picture frame and used as a tray on our coffee table. In the jar are pieces of pumpkin brittle I made for a Halloween party (it was supposed to be delicious pumpkin caramels, but I pretended I meant to overcook it and called it brittle). 

As I said before, simple and understated, but I love how it looks!

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  1. You're so creative. Come decorate my house! And I love your front windows! I feel like the windows at our place don't give enough light.


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