Thankful Thursday | Typography

To prevent this post from sounding absolutely shallow, I want to begin with the caveat that I am so grateful to have written language as part of my life. I often take for granted the ability to use language to effectively convey my ideas. In my studio, we are designing refugee housing and I was floored to realize that some refugees in Utah can't even read and write in their native tongue, let alone English. Aren't we blessed to have this tool at our disposal?

With that said, I think the words are beautiful. They are beautiful in English, German, Thai, Spanish, Russian, Tagalog. Words create beautiful songs, and are even more beautiful in print (in my humble opinion). The next time you write a big report, or thank you card, or love letter, think about the story your words tell. Beyond the known definition of a given word, typography creates greater impact with color, typeface, font, size, and orientation. I would really like to work on my typography skills. I think I'm going to create a few wedding invite mock-ups when I get some free time.

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Only one more week until Thanksgiving! I love this holiday so much.

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