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Hey friends! I'm back, and I have a quick, last-minute, and budget-friendly gift option to share with you! Don't you hate getting those awful free bags/totes at conferences? I hate them because (1) I have plenty of plain canvas totes cluttering up my closet already and (2) I don't feel the need to carry around every sponsor's logo which is tastelessly plastered across the front of my bag. It's just a waste, right? Wrong!

As in many obnoxiously large families (I'm the oldest of seven), we draw names for Christmas gifts. This year, I was excited to be chosen to give a gift to Seven of Seven (my parents weren't mean enough to name him that, I just use nicknames for all my friends and family here). He may be the cutest 4-year-old on the entire planet.

Since he's such a mature pre-k attender, I felt he could really use a fun bag to carry his big boy belongings. Thus, I converted a nasty, logo-smeared shoulder bag into a handy-dandy booty bag!  

I found a really cute pirate print at JoAnn's fabric (and, of course, I used a 50% off coupon) and bought just two yards. To cover up one side of the bag, I attached a very (un)detailed map to a buried treasure. On the other side, I attached a name badge and a couple of small pockets (they're about the size to hold some crayons or hotwheels). With the leftover fabric, I made Seven of Seven a very masculine doo-rag and matching vest so he can look especially fearsome should the mood hit him. It may not be my best craftsmanship, but I really think he'll enjoy it :). Merry Christmas little Seven!

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