Dress for the Weather #1

A few days ago I had a conversation that went something like this with one of my male classmates:
Me "I really wish I had known it was going to rain today. I would have dressed more appropriately so I didn't have to get soaked." (Side note- it was actually rain/snowing and I had no umbrella and a poor choice in shoes for the weather.) 
Him "Well maybe you should stop wasting your time making stuff 'on Main' and take two seconds to look at the weather on your phone."
As much as I hated to admit it, he had a pretty good point. Then I had a great idea to unite functionality and my blogging addiction. I would make my Monday morning post about appropriate and cute (obviously) outfits for the upcoming weather of the week! Unfortunately, taking the time to create an outfit board in Photoshop tends to take more time than I'd like to admit sometimes (when I have all of those tools at my fingertips, I get really OCD about how I use them). Then a second epiphany hit when the darling Erika of Wife of Something Like It introduced me to a new site called Polyvore. It was the heaven-sent answer to my outfit compiling prayers!

Here is the forecast for this week:

And here's my fun, school-friendly outfit for the week. My main goals were staying bundled up and keeping my feet dry (which patent leather happens to be awesome at). I'm obviously not in the business of spending the kind of money these pieces cost, but knock-offs are always easy to find. Also, if you click on the links beneath the outfit it will direct you to find out the exact pieces of clothing I've included. Cool, right?

January 30

Do any of you use Polyvore? 

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