Spin-A-Yarn | Purl Stitch and Bind Off

After posting about my slouchy beanie here, I was so excited to hear that several of you would like to learn to knit and crochet. Well guess what? I can totally deliver! 

I am going to start the Spin-a-Yarn Knitting and Crocheting School, and YOU can be enrolled!All you have to do is check my blog every week on Wednesdays to learn something cool and new about working with yarn. I would love it so much if you were vocal and let me know specific things you're interested in learning. For example, go "Hey, I saw this cool sweater- how do they do this pattern?" or "Holy cow, how do I know if I want to knit a project or crochet it?" Speak your minds, friends! 

If you didn't catch last week, you'll want to check out this post to get caught up. Today, I'm going to teach you the second most basic of all knitting techniques- the purl stitch! This stitch is essentially the inverse of the knit stitch. To create 90% of patterns, you'll need to purl and knit together. So once again, I'm going to show you a quick little video on how to purl. If it's hard to understand, visit this website.

How to create a purl stitch:

When you finish a knitting project, you need to do something to secure all the loops still on your needle. This technique is called binding off. (Again, here is a website for some added assistance.)

How to bind off:

Come back next week, where I'll teach you a couple different basic patterns and maybe even have another free pattern for you!

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