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Growing up, I never really got into the Valentine's Day spirit, and frankly I just didn't care. Then, I met my super awesome Main Man and decided to make V-Day my annual scrapbooking deadline. Looking at all those sweet, lovey pictures over the last two years sure got me in a sentimental mood, and I think My Main Man got some warm tingles, too. With that background, you might imagine how sad I was to find out that my hubs would be out of the country for our first married Valentine's Day. (I'm actually very excited for him because he's traveling to Thailand where he served a mission for our church and I get to join him for the last week of his month-long trip. It's just sad to miss such a love-filled holiday!) So, I decided to create a printable I can share with him to remind him just how much I love him. The printable says, "Home is where your heart is."

Do  you want a copy? I'd love to share with you! E-mail me at MadeonMainbyMissE@gmail.com and I will be so delighted to give you a PDF or JPG (your preference) to print off at 8" x 10".

I chose to layer some gold tulle over my image for dimension. I like how it sparkles in the right light, too. 
I tried to keep the theme something that will work for people in lots of situations so that many of you can print it off and enjoy putting it up in your home. Even if your loved one is only away for a few hours at work, how can they not read that phrase and think about having your love waiting for them at home? I might even print off a few extra copies so My Main Man can't forget how much I'm bonkers for him! 

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