Dress for the Weather #5

Sometimes I just need a lazy day. For me, it's because I just realized that although I'm leaving town for spring break (look out, Thailand!), the rest of the world isn't also taking a break. I have a major assignment due for all four of my classes immediately before or after break, and it's exhausting to think about! For this reason, I decided I might just need to be a slob this week. As long as I look decently cute while I do it, I'm still ok, right?

The weather this week is pretty similar to the last few weeks: cold, possibly snowy, and requiring some good cozy duds.

Is this an outfit any of you would consider wearing? I own brown mocassins like the ones shown below and they are so comfy!

26 February 2012

BTW- My wintery party Saturday night was so much fun! Soon I'll be sharing all my tips and tricks so you can throw a similar party (perhaps with a spring theme since that's going to be here before you know it).

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  1. ooo i love that stripped shirt and little moccasins !


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