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After posting about my slouchy beanie here, I was so excited to hear that several of you would like to learn to knit and crochet. Well guess what? I can totally deliver! 

I am going to start the Spin-a-Yarn Knitting and Crocheting School, and YOU can be enrolled! All you have to do is check my blog every week on Wednesdays to learn something cool and new about working with yarn. I would love it so much if you were vocal and let me know specific things you're interested in learning. For example, go "Hey, I saw this cool sweater- how do they do this pattern?" or "Holy cow, how do I know if I want to knit a project or crochet it?" Speak your minds, friends! 

I need to be honest right now. Me instructing on crocheting may be a case of the "Blind Leading the Blind". I have completed my share of crochet projects, employing a variety of simple projects. However, I'm still not a pro. I'm ten times more comfortable knitting than crocheting. However, I think crochet can be so beautiful and I know the thought of using one hook versus two needles is a lot less intimidating to some of you. I had this post 80% written and ready to go for last week, but I realized I just wasn't comfortable sharing a defecit of knowledge on my end, so instead, I'm going to refer you to the best resources I've found in the blogosphere. Let's dive in!

First, familiarize yourselves with my "Tools of the Trade" post and this About Page. It has some really simple photographs and written instructions that may help you out.

To begin most crochet projects, you will utilize something called a chain stitch.


Then, when you want to create a piece, you'll probably use one of a couple of basic stitches. Of course lots of in-between stitches exist, but I'm attempting to keep things relatively basic here. (These are the only stitches I used to create my slouchy beanie.)




Like I said before, there are some amazingly talented people out on the web who know far more than I do about crochet. Check out Crocheting the Day Away, where you can get all kinds of cute patterns for free and become a super crochet pro. Yarn Round Hook isn't 100% dedicated to crochet all of the time, but there is a tab full of free patterns that are pretty darn cute.

I apologize again for kind of sneaking out of teaching you how to crochet. I just didn't want to create some false image of all my amazing skills, when there are really so many others who can teach you much better. Let me know if you find any fantastic crochet resources out there and I'll be sure to add them into this post for later readers! Is there still interest in a pattern for my beanie I mentioned here? I made it up as I went, but I can break it down for any adventurous crocheters.

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