How to Throw a Winter Party | Welcoming the Gals

This week I've been sharing how I put together a "Cozy Winter Social". It was a perfectly fun way to distract myself while my husband was out of town. If you want to see the other stages of putting the party together, check out my posts from the rest of this week!

I mentioned yesterday that this party was a bit of a social experiment since I invited lots of women that only had friendship with me in common. I knew I would need to be proactive from the start of the party, so I created a welcome table. First, I created the kind of cute whiteboard I've seen floating around the internet. Using a dollar store picture frame I painted white and some wrapping paper I also bought at the dollar store, I created a simple place to write a welcome message with directions for my party-goers.

First, I had my guests fill out a name tag with a conversation-starting questions. There were six different name tags so that hopefully my guests would have a few things to talk about.They said:
"I went on an awful date once. It went like this:____"
"When I was a kid I wanted to be a ____ when I grew up."
"I have a super awesome battle wound:____"
"My most awesome hidden talent is:____"
"My guilty pleasure TV show is:____"
"If I had a gangster name, it would be:____"

Second, I had the guests fill out raffle tickets for some cheesy prizes. (I didn't think about this ahead of time, but it was probably great incentive for my guests to stay around for a bit and not leave early.) To keep the suspense going, I packaged each raffle gift in a brown paper bag with a simple label that matched the invitations. Get ready for how awesome these gifts were (remember, I was going for white and/or wintery): tapioca pudding, breath mints, toothpaste with mouthwash, tea lights, an ice pack, and Hoot the Owl (who I blogged about a couple weeks ago). I think it was fun for everyone to see what goofy gifts I had in store.

(L) How part of the table looked with the candles lit
(R) The Beautiful Brunette won tapioca pudding!

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  1. your decorations, food, and everything just looks amazing! i wish i could have made it!


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