Oh didn't I tell you? I'm giving myself a short hiatus. Sorry I basically dropped of the face of the blog world. After an amazing trip to Thailand and Cambodia (which inspired more than a few crafts I'll have to share sooner than later), I came home to realize I was only about 6 weeks away from the end of one especially hectic semester! Also, two days after our return we found out we're moving to Kansas City! Awesome, right? (If you or your friends/family have any great advice on moving or Kansas City, please share.)

So- life is so busy but so exciting. My Main Man is about to graduate and begin his residency in KC. I get to walk at graduation and then finish classes in August. And we have to move (twice kind of since I'm staying behind for six weeks), which requires so much work! The long and short of it is, I miss you all, but I have to take care of the rest of my life right now. I hope you understand and I hope you're still around when I make my next appearance!

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