Whew! I have had a crazy few months. I originally gave myself a blogging break because I had just returned from Thailand with my husband. We had been separated for an entire month while he explore Thai medical clinics, and we really needed some good catch-up time. Once that need was mostly satisfied (I still can't ever seem to spend quite enough time with him for my liking), I was in full-force finals for my spring semester of school. My Main Man and I both graduated two weeks ago (even though I still need to finish one more semester), which increased our errands and time commitments even more. The next week, we headed out to Kansas City to look for housing for our upcoming move (remember when I mentioned that here?). The next week-- a.k.a. last week-- I traveled to Vancouver, B.C., for a field trip with my architecture studio. (By the way- it's a super cool city. I highly recommend it for a fun vacation. However, everything there was expensive plus they have really high sales tax!)

So are those good enough excuses for my long absence? I sure hope so, because I was sure I was losing my mind a few times in there. With the fun news that I'm going to start blogging again comes a slight caveat: I'm not coming back full force. Here's the honest reason: it's far too easy for me to put aside more important things (like washing laundry when we have nothing clean to wear and will look like beggars if I don't take care of it ASAP) in favor of crafting, photographing said crafts, or blogging. Also, I started to put some ridiculous pressure on myself, thinking that if I didn't post super regularly, and get lots of views, and make irresistibly adorable projects, I was failing myself and the world in general. Can you tell I'm a perfectionist and get really fixated on meaningless things?

My compromise with myself is this: I will post only one craft per week and I will do it on whatever day I feel like. It might be cute, it might be a total flop. Whatever. I just want to share the things I've enjoyed so other people can have inspiration to try a DIY every once in a while.

I hope you're OK with that, because I am, and that's how things will go here for a while.

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