Some of my posts for a while will be related to things I made for my trip to Thailand and Cambodia this spring with my husband and his classmates. Hopefully they're applicable for your traveling OR everyday needs!

I love high heels. At an astounding 5' 2" (cue laughter here) I can always use some help in the height department, and I love how heels can instantly make an outfit look polished. Even though it's often more practical to don flats, I don't have a very extensive collection of cute and comfortable flat shoes. I knew there would be lots and lots of walking involved in our Asia trip, so I headed out to Target (my second church) to find some cute and simple kicks. My options were a cute floral print (which I loved, but it seemed so trendy that I could imagine those shoes being out-of-fashion by next summer), some navy or teal lace-less slip-ons (also cute, but potentially problematic when matching to multiple outfits), or plain white gals. I didn't want to be a bore, but none of the colors/patterns available really fit the bill, so I went ahead and bought the white kicks. 

Never fear, though. I had a plan! Using some gray acrylic paint I had on hand (I told you I'm obsessed) and some masking tape, I marked out a simple striped pattern on both shoes and painted a couple coats. When I removed the tape, I realized my shoes looked kind of nautical (which is totally alright with me), so I searched the internet for some interesting shoe-tying methods that would look like sailor's knots. The picture below shows what I settled on. 

I'm pretty in love with these shoes. Besides travelling to Thailand and Cambodia, they followed me to KC and Vancouver. They're really in need of a wash, but I'm a little sad to wash off the dirt from so many different places. Is that weird of me?


  1. This is a great shoe-refashion. I love them. If I get my hands on some white shoes like these, I'm totally going to do that. Thanks for sharing.
    Greetings from Germany

  2. These look so much better! I love them! I’d love for you to share this project on Tuesday’s Tidbits @ Naptime Delights: http://naptimedelights.blogspot.ca/2012/06/tuesdays-tidbits-3.html

    Thanks so much!

  3. These are so fun! Love for you to share them on my linky party!
    Marcie @ www.IGottaTryThat.com

  4. Thanks so much for linking these up on Naptime Delights! I'm going to feature them!! I hope you'll come back and link up something at this week's party!



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