My Main Man has mentioned a few times that he would really like to wear a driving hat, which I agree would look very handsome on him. However, his head is a little on the large end, and he always gets disappointed trying on the hats at regular clothing retailers because they're just too tight.

Fast forward to this month. After spending a summer living in separate states (due to conflicting work and school schedules) I finally joined MMM in Kansas City two weeks ago. I love getting to be with him again, and my first impressions of this mid-western oasis are great. To top it all off, I've been reunited with my lovely sewing machine and all of my other crafting goodies (which are housed in my own office that I'll have to share with you later). I was lucky to quickly get a job offer in the city, but my start date allowed me a two week break once I got to town. After tackling all the boxes MMM had only half-way unpacked, I have finally been able to return to my projects (hallelujah!) and I decided to start with a gift for MMM.

This brings us back to the driving hat discussion. I am not a pattern-maker, but I'm great at following instructions, so I did some quick Googling and found this pattern from Bouncing Buttons. It was perfect! To make it fit My Main Man's larger head (he wears Large/X-Large), I simply saved the PDF, opened it in Photoshop, enlarged the pages to 107% (based on some quick arithmetic) and printed. I won't try to confuse you by re-describing the process, but I'll include some pictures below. I also ended up making myself a hat with some scrap wool from this re-fashion of my winter jacket, and since MMM prefers not to be pictured on this blog, you get to see pictures of me modeling my hat!

Give this pattern a try and give some love to Amber at Bouncing Buttons!

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  1. I love those hats! I totally want to make one for Lee and his huge noggin! He needs to wear a hat at his work and he doesn't do ball caps since his head is so large. So trying this!

    Miss you guys!


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