For my birthday and Christmas last year, my mother-in-law gifted me two adorable pairs of boots, and I cannot wait until the weather cools down enough to wear them again this year. However, I did realize last year that wearing the boots without stockings or tucked in pants could get really uncomfortable, and even chafe my calf pretty badly behind the seams. Instead of discarding a pretty beat up pair of stockings, I decided to refashion them into boot socks!

The steps were pretty easy, here's what I did:

1) Cut stocking ends to remove holes (for me this meant cutting where the previous ankle was)
2) Close end with zig-zag stitch
3) Try on stocking with boots to determine length of sock, add 3/4 inch to this measurement and cut stocking here. Turn each remaining sock inside out.
4) Cut open top waistband of stockings, remove elastic band and cut into two equal pieces
5) Close each piece of elastic into loop with straight stitch.
6) Situate each elastic loop around the top of one sock, 1 inch away from the edge. Fold excess sock over and pin in place.
7) Sew around the folded over edges with zig-zag stitch, being careful not to sew through elastic
8) Try on new socks with boots, perhaps showing off not-so-awesome booty in pictures (see top of post-sorry about that).

Now I can wear my lovely boots with all kinds of outfits and minimal ouch-age! 

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