Renter's Plight | UGLY CLOSET DOOR

Many moons ago, I mentioned doing a series called "Renter's Plight" where I present temporary solutions for dealing with ugly rental conditions. My post today is really similar to my first post, found here, where I covered the back of some awkward cabinets with stylish wrapping paper.

In our new home, we have three bedrooms, which means both My Main Man and I get our own home offices. I actually get a bit lonely without him working next to me, but I'm taking this opportunity to create a clean, well put-together space where I can meet with clients for my design business, The Main Event. Just behind my desk (and immediately next to the space where clients might sit) is a closet with sliding doors. The doors are a dark wood, which actually isn't the most awful thing aesthetically. However, those doors are my view anytime I sit at my desk, which is often, and I needed to make them either prettier or more functional.

In one of my infamous dollar store trips, I found a 15 foot roll of brown craft paper, and I had to have it. I taped one sheet of craft paper to each door, and drew out calendars for the upcoming months. (I even made a super sweet/dorky template so I can quickly draw new calendars when I run out.) I tried two different formats, and I'll figure out which one I like more over the next few months. I'll use colored markers to classify different activities, like green for birthdays, purple for client deadlines, red for holidays, etc. It should be a really helpful organizing tool to have everything mapped out right in front of me, and I honestly like the craft paper a lot more than the wood doors!

Have you done anything similar to cover up less-than-wonderful finishes in your home?

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  1. this is such a cute, quick solution! love it!


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