I recently discovered a deep love for Restoration Hardware. The store's aesthetic is strong, neutral, timeless, and enduring. I think I could decorate my entire home from there and it really wouldn't ever completely be "out" of style. To ice the cake, I've been leaning towards various decorating styles that are very feminine, but my manly husband is far more happy with this style than any of my other recent obsessions. Obviously, we don't quite have the budget ability to shop from RH just yet, but I'm a pretty decent copycat. First quick and easy RH copy: industrial drapes.

Not only are only two simple ingredients needed, but only two lines of stitching exist in each drape! My windows sit above the ground by seven feet, and I wanted my drapes to gather on the ground, so I cut 8' (for each drape) out of 36" wide muslin. (Muslin is amazingly cheap and by using a width that fits my window, I can leave the edges alone and save myself work.) I also found some clips at JoAnn's meant to hold curtains. They were kind of pricey (I believe $10 for each package) but considering how cheap the fabric was, I didn't feel too awful spending that money.

After the edges were cut, I finished the top and bottom of each curtain. I folded each edge over twice, and simply stitched right across, with a reverse at each end to secure the threads. 

When I placed my curtain hooks, I made sure to measure out even intervals for each hook. (7 hooks over 36" means one hook every 6" if you want to avoid doing that algebra.) There were already cheap-o curtain rods over our windows, so I simply hung the drapes and voila! I would love to change out the rods some day, but these were already in place and do the job for the current time.

(Please excuse the fact that I had to use my flash for both of these pictures. It's really difficult to take pictures of these drapes from inside on a beautiful sunny day!)

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